Protecting Scheduled Monuments

People have had an influence on the landscapes of the Carneddau for over 6,000 years. We are lucky that stone was one of people’s main building materials and has enabled so many features to survive. It is possible to ‘read’ aspects of the Carneddau’s history in the remains that are still visible in the landscapes.

Carneddau Projects Diagram
Protecting scheduled monuments

The Carneddau Landscape Partnership is leading three projects that will help us to protect scheduled monuments and understand more about how prehistoric people lived and worked on the landscape. Find out more about the scheduled monuments that have been discovered on the Carneddau.

Scheduled Monuments Map
Did you know?

It isn’t just scheduled monuments that are interesting in the Carneddau. There are many more important features that aren’t scheduled. The total of the known archaeological sites combine to tell a rich story of the landscape. There are over 4,000 features for the area on the Historic Environment Record which is maintained by Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, one of the Scheme’s partners. You can view the records on the Archwilio website.

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Carnedd y Ddelw - Copyright Abbie N Edwards
Statement of Significance

Learn more about the Historic Environment of the Carneddau by downloading the document below.

Statement of Significance